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   Who We Are   

Bon Larder recognizes that the memories we savor most start at the table. We endeavor to create food worthy of those moments - good food made from fresh ingredients with a dash of social consciousness. A portion of the sale of each product is donated to organizations dedicated to ending poverty in the communities they serve. 

   Who We Support 

Northwest Harvest is Washington’s leading hunger relief agency – supporting a statewide network of 375 food banks, meal programs, and high-need schools. Focused on improving equity in our food system, Northwest Harvest believes everyone in Washington should have consistent access to nutritious food that nourishes the body, mind, and spirit. In addition to making sure those who suffer from hunger have increased access to healthy food, Northwest Harvest aims to shift public opinion, as well as impact institutional policies and societal practices that perpetuate hunger, poverty, and disparities in our state.


A portion of Bon Larder's sales are donated to Northwest Harvest.

Donations to date are: $263.50


Emergency Food Network provides 14 million pounds of healthy, nutritious food annually to 80+ food pantries, meal sites, and shelters for distribution to families and individuals in need. There are 1.3 million visits to food pantries and meal sites in Pierce County each year – and 54% of these visits are children and seniors! Emergency Food Network makes sure these hungry families and individuals receive the nutritious food they need to stay healthy.

A portion of Bon Larder's sales are donated to Emergency Food Network.

Donations to date are: $186.00

The Dirt Society is dedicated to inspiring generations of autonomous growers and eaters the world over. They develop online educational tools that can give audiences a free and multidisciplinary food education. By creating and funding video blogs, articles, podcasts, slideshows, and printable instructional pdfs, they strive to cover a wide array of relevant subjects so that everyone--regardless of location, income, or experience--has access to a free education, and the autonomy that comes with it!

In addition to content development, The Dirt Society also aggregates quality materials and free training opportunities as a way to augment their available modules.


Importantly, The Dirt Society has elected to embrace an agroecological method of food growing and processing; certain that the most sustainable way to advance a business or farm operation is to work with the surrounding ecosystems, and not in competition with them.

A portion of our sales are donated to The Dirt Society to aid them in their mission of expanding food education. 

Find Us

Puyallup Farmers Market

118 W Main

Puyallup, WA 98371

Due to the Covid 19 outbreak and the closure of the market, we can only accept online orders at this time.  We ship or can set up a delivery on a limited basis in the Fife, Milton, Puyallup area.

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